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Monday, January 17, 2011



Thanks for the post, Shannon. I agree that the trend of producing un-oaked Chardonnays is good for Michigan, as this is a fruit that grows reasonably well here and is recognizable to almost everyone as a varietal. However, I would suggest that many of Michigan's traditional (oak-aged) Chardonnays, particularly those from Leelanau (Bel Lago, Chateau Fontaine, BSF and others), can stand up to almost anything California is producing.

Those of us who enjoy a nice glass of Chardonnay probably don't look at the traditional presentation as "chewing on an oak tree," nor do the winemakers producing these excellent wines. The Sur Lie method is simply a welcome addition to the many ways to enjoy this diverse grape, not a replacement.

Thanks again for your support of Michigan wines. Keep up the good work!

Shannon Casey

Thanks Nick for the comments. I agree that oak is a personal preference. Cortney actually prefers her Chardonnay oaked. This is the exact reason we don't "score" wines. It is all about your personal palate.

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