Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Coryn Briggs

Thanks for doing this guys! It is great. I agree with both of your comments about the Riesling and that is precisely why it is a staff favorite here at Black Star Farms.


Again guys. . . fantastic job on organizing the Tweet & Taste. I truly enjoyed it and had a couple friends who participated who were very surprised by the quality of the Black Star wines and plan to buy more!


Thanks, Coryn and Mike! We had a blast doing it! We can't wait for the next one. We appreciate Black Star being the "guinea pigs" on our first installment, and we appreciate both of you taking part. Glad to hear, Mike, that word about the quality of BSF's wines is getting out!


You guys are Michigan wine rock stars! I love how you are great promoters of your region.

Also, Cortney, great work on the new graphics.



Thanks, Josh! I made the new graphics while Shannon was napping ... I mean, working hard ... ;)

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