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Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Couldn't agree more. As a consumer, and as a blogger, everything on this list is exactly right. I think people like to make informed decisions, so the more information that you can give them, the better.

I often have a hard time finding even basic information that I would like to know before I write a review of a wine. I always love it when I find a winery who has a website that has all the information that I'm looking for.


This list is bang on - although I would argue that a short Contact Us form isn't 1995. More people complete the 'Contact Us' form on our website than click our email address on that page. A nice 'Contact Us' page should have both.


First of all, great post. Every point is strong.

But I also think this raises some very interesting points concerning site maintenance, thorough information (vs. marketing copy), and even historical data (past vintages, former winemakers, etc.). In my experience, this hasn't been taken seriously enough. Today's wine consumer is saavy, and when information is accessed online, more often than not the end user is conducting research.

I look forward to more posts,

Rick Breslin
Drive Thru Interactive


Great post! Thank you very much, this is very useful to me.

The only point that doesn't work for us is posting prices.

We are an Italian winery and our wines are sold all over the world. We sell direct to visitors to the property. I feel that posting prices creates confusion since our wines have different shelf prices in different countries and I have no control over my distributor's costs (temp-controlled shipping etc) or margins. I don't know if it's helpful for a Japanese client to see a price in Euros that bears no relation to the price of our wines in Tokyo... I also worry that I will undercut the work our importers do if I show our prices.

If people contact me I can give them correct information for their country.

Thanks again for a great post.

Laura Gray

Shannon Casey

Thank you all so much for your great comments.

Jackslife - Your point about sites lacking even basic info is mind-boggling to me, yet I see it every day.

Andrew - Interesting perspective about the "contact us" form. As long as your page has both, I will give you a pass ;)

Rick - I agree that wine consumers are becoming more savvy and their access to information is becoming an expectation.

Laura - I certainly understand your pricing issues. For global brands, it does complicate the issue. For primarily domestic brands, I would argue that prices should be shown as priced in the tasting room.

Justin Winkelman

Excellent and on-the-point article Shannon. Kudos!

Shannon Casey

Thank you Justin. I appreciate the feedback.


Very good advice, Shannon, and not difficult for a winery to achieve.
I would add that the directions to the tasting room must include the GPS coordinates, not a vague pretty map.
And a blog would be a useful means of communicating.


Good stuff bro. Another one of your posts that I can forward to my winery friends here in Spokane.


Juan Antonio Ruiz

I've just found this post and is very good, thanks Shannon.

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