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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Coryn Briggs

Thanks for taking the time to do this Shannon. It is so helpful to share ideas and learn from the other wineries. Information about how we use social media(specifically Twitter) can be found here as well, http://drinknectar.com/2010/02/19/wineries-on-twitter-black-star-farms/

Mike Fifer

Nice job Shannon and Cortney! Although alot of wineries are using social media, I think a lot need to continue to become more "social" ;). I hope they come around. . .

Shannon Casey

Coryn - Thanks for the comment. Black Star is certainly one of the Michigan wineries who gets it and is succeeding in their social media strategy.

Mike - I agree 100% with you. I think you will see them getting more active this year.

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