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Saturday, January 23, 2010



All so true, Shannon! Do you think the Michigan wineries are getting on board?

One of my biggest pet peaves is the FB tweeter. I'll stat responding to their tweets with questions just to see if their listening...it's bad when they don't.

One winery recently told me the biggest thing that wineries need to do is CARE. They've been surprised at the relationships they've been able to develop and deepen with their clients.

Great post

Josh @nectarwine on Twitter


Absolutely. I agree with everything in this post as well as what Josh said. I think I've got about 30 wineries who have followed me, and they've given me absolutely no reason to follow them back. Though I'm more aware of their brand, I'm less likely to buy from them simply because it seems like they don't actually care about their customers; they seem like they're looking for easy publicity. The wineries who actually interact with their followers with personality are the only ones who are growing their brand on Twitter.

Justin Winkelman

Great points, all of them valid and "spot on" hopefully they use the "off season" to take your tips and implement them, and don't give up immediatley if you're not getting instant results.

Shannon Casey

Josh - Thanks for the comments. I think that a few of the Michigan wineries are getting on board. I think it will just take some time and education.

Wineaccguy - Thank you for your comments. I agree, just being on Twitter isn't an answer. You need to engage!

Justin - Thank you for your comments. I agree, the off season is the perfect time to start.

Randy Watson

Hopefully MORE wineries (and other companies) will read helpful posts like this, and actually DO it!

Shannon Casey

Thanks Randy. Let's spread the word and see who will listen!

Mike Cownay

Twitter, Facebook, etc., are all great ways to communicate with people. But there is a limitation - TIME. When is a winery, or any other business, supposed to have time to communicate. Wineccguy comments that he is followed by 30 wineries and is disappointed that he does not get response back. How is a business realistically going to communicate individually with hundreds or thousands of followers? I believe there are some unrealistic expectations out there that Twittering someone gives you instant access to a personal response. There isn't TIME.


Thanks for the useful tips. I was pleased to note that I already do some of the things you mention! I especially liked the 120-character tip - didn't know that :)

Shannon Casey

Mike - I appreciate your comments and I agree that time is the major limitation. Remember, though, you don't have to reach out to every follower to have an impact... focus on the ones that are talking about your wines or that mention your winery. You could spend 15 minutes each day simply sending 20-30 tweets to those who mention you or your products. With that, you would be light years ahead of wineries on Twitter who are not engaging a single customer.

Fabius - I am glad there was some value for you in this post. Keep up the great work.

Coryn Briggs

Shannon - Thanks again for this great post. It has provided me with new insight about using the FB tweeter. I didn't think it was a good idea and now that has been confirmed. Your insight into the social media world is greatly appreciated!

William Church Winery

Thru the wonders of the twitter network I came across this post. As a Washington winery on FB & Twitter since mid-last year I am no expert but with a huge staff of three(myself, husband and our asst winemaker) I am asking for a bit of a break as we continue to send posts from FB to Twitter. This seems to be unpopular but posting to both is just not possible on every single thing so we may make some unhappy. I do posts directly on Twitter at times too but for now for getting the word out FB to Twitter is all we can do.

Shannon Casey

Thanks William for your comments. Well definitely give you a little slack, but I would still encourage you to use Twitter to interact with your current and potential clients as much as possible. It sounds like you are moving in the right direction.

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